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Adult Equivalent (AE) is the standard measure of grazing loads used in extensive cattle grazing areas across northern and pastoral Australia and is used for carrying capacity assessments, grazing management, nutrition management, land valuations and performance analysis. An AE is defined as a 450 kilogram non-lactating beast. This is a long term, year-in, year-out sustainable average level of productivity through fluctuating annual seasonal conditions.

Note no carrying capacity or land use assessment has been conducted or will be provided in this document. The estimated AE carrying capacity in this document is based on THF Finance Pty Limited historical stocking rates, land use and water allocations.

We provide no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the water allocations summarised in this document and encourage all interested parties to make their own independent enquiries.

We are not aware as to the current state of repair and condition of irrigation infrastructure mentioned in this document.

Interested parties are to make their own independent enquiries as to the condition, working order or registration status of any items of plant and equipment mentioned in this document.

*All figures are approximates and estimates only.